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How many times
am I allowed
to say it?

Is there a limit?
Does the phrase
lose its value
and meaning?

To me, it does not.

But how else
can I express
the potency
of what I'm feeling?

And today,
when I tell you
I love you
it means
I think you're beautiful,
that your eyes
see straight into
my heart,
and that your voice
is the very melody
to which my blood flows.

It means
that I care
about you,
I worry,
I want you to be
safe and well,
but also
that I long for you.

And how can I stop
trying to
put it into words,
when the emotion
only grows;
it doesn't

And how deeply I wish
I could bury my face
in your shoulder,
and hold you
the rest of the world

How strange it is
that you can't
seem to see
what it is about you
that draws me in closer.

It's not what I don't know,
it's what I do,
and the secrets
of your soul
seem imprinted
on my own.

So when I say
I love you,
I only mean
to make up for
the thousands of times
I couldn't speak to you,
when I dreamed of you
when I stared
into space
and wished
you could reach through it
and hold my hand.

I speak only
of the times
when I sang out loud
and caught the tears
streaming down my face,
and wished
that you could kiss
the pain away.

When I say
I love you,
try and understand
what I'm really meaning
to say.
LadyxXxBug Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012
I love it!!! :heart: I think I'm just gonna have to make a folder with your name on it, because I just adore your poetry :rose:
MelodieRox Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thank you. =D
LadyxXxBug Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012
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